The Visitors – A tribute to ABBA


Dag: Lördag 16/7 -22
Insläpp: 18.00
Konserten startar: 19.00
Mat & dryck: Finns att köpa på området

The Visitors i Stallebrottet 2019

Det närmaste ABBA du kan komma! THE VISITORS – det svenska tributebandet har utsetts till världens bästa ABBA-band av ABBA´s officiella fanclub. Ta del av ABBA´s hits framförda av The Visitors, gruppen som startade redan 1996, och har turnerat under 20 år över hela världen med sin show. 2019 gjorde The Visitors en bejublad föreställning på Stallebrottet.


THE VISITORS from Stockholm Sweden is the most loving, joyful, musical, respectful and charming ABBA TRIBUTE you will ever see!

THE VISITORS is the closest to ABBA you’ll ever get!

Back in 1996 Martin Håkansson and Christian Fast was a big part of starting the ABBA-tribute band ”Waterloo”. Quickly they became known for their fantastic ABBA-sound and ABBA-look-a-like performance. The audience and press all agreed: ”This is the closest to ABBA you will ever get”.

1998-1999 Tom Beimel, Marcus Olsson and Maria Almlöv joined Waterloo. 2003-2005 Jonas Lidholm, Johan Löfgren and Charlotte Berg also joined, and back in 2007 Mia Ternström, Marica Lindé, Matilda Lindell and Sandra Wallin made the band complete and together they were ”Waterloo The Band”. But, because of all the confusion, since there was another band with the same name, the 12 members decided in September 2013 to take a new name: THE VISITORS

Upplev The best ABBA since ABBA! – boka din biljett idag!